The current real estate market suffers from many flaws. Cumbersome administrative management, lack of liquidity and limited accessibility, make it a difficult market to access, despite the security it represents.

Our solution

The real estate market has been the primary focus at Equisafe, from Operation AnnA to the hosting of Koytcha Immo.

We provide a solution for automating administrative tasks in this market in order to provide further liquidity.


We empower companies with real estate assets to benefit from a life cycle management solution: from asset addition to investor relations.

They are also granted access to a peer-to-peer market to widen the exchange of unlisted shares.


Lawyers, notaries, asset managers, and accountants now have access to numerous cooperative tools to work more efficiently with their real estate clients.


The platform offers the opportunity to purchase shares of real estate properties easily and gain access to this market with significantly reduced capital requirements.

Flagship operation

Primary market and fundraising
Life cycle management

A transformed real estate market

Feel free to ask for a demo, where we will be pleased to onboard you and be by your side during the whole process.


Equisafe is an agent of Lemon Way payment service provider under registration number 85392 on the registry of REGAFI.