The real estate market has been our main focus at Equisafe, from the AnnA operation to the Trianon Royal of Versailles announcement. Nowadays, this market suffers from massive paperwork and a lack of liquidity.

Our solution

Equisafe solves this problem. You can now digitise your company and then realise a capital increase on top of a building. From 1% to 100% of its value, to 1 from 100 000 investors. Enjoy a costless and scalable platform.


Digitise your company in a few minutes. Put your share ledger on safety using blockchain.
Free yourself from paperwork.


Tailor-made funds raising. Number of units, soft cap and hard cap, number of investors, minimum ticket, restrictions and more, set up your campaign easily.


Our boutique offers access to many kinds of investment opportunities. Consider shares of a start up, real estate project or even a piece of fine art.


Track your investments with ease. Valuation, dividend distribution, geographic, industry diversification and much more.

get liquidity from what you already own

You are looking for some liquidity? You want to sell just a portion or the entire valuation of your real estate property?

Feel free to ask us a demo, where we will be pleased to onboard you and be at your side during the whole process.



Equisafe est agréé en tant qu' agent de prestataire de service de paiement par l'ACPR en France depuis le 08/03/2020 sous le numéro 85392.