The fine arts, symbol of creativity and famous artists. This market is all too exclusive, leaving only a few being owners of such items, a few being able to avoid frauds and fakes.


With Equisafe, you will be able to buy a piece of a great artist and take advantage of its tax benefits and beauty. Equisafe carries out all the verifications necessary for its identification. Get ready to enjoy the show in your own “Infinite Gallery”.


Art galleries or owners can offer for sale a fraction or the totality of their works on our platform in the shape of full ownership or usufruct and bare ownership.


Lawyers and experts can participate directly in the drafting of contracts and the execution of expert reports, and can access them directly through the investment offer on our boutique.


It is now available to everyone, individuals and companies alike, to benefit from exposure to this market and to take advantage of the tax benefits without the disadvantages of holding on to it.

Flagship operation

To be announced...
To be announced...

Become a co-owner of a piece of fine art

Feel free to ask for a demo, we will be pleased to onboard you and be by your side during the whole process.


Equisafe is an agent of Lemon Way payment service provider under registration number 85392 on the registry of REGAFI.