Podcast : Addressing Liquidity Pain Points with Democratized Investments

Matthieu laval

Part of the slow revolution since the mid-1970s is having access to equities in a fractional and/or zero-commission world. Today, a more efficient market infrastructure is being rebuilt with the philosophy of democratized investment. The fintech scaling show has realised on Monday 15 February 2021, a webinar will be held on the following topic : "Addressing Liquidity Pain Points with Democratized Investments".

In this discussion, our Co-founder and CEO Bilal El Alamy redefines how we understand valuable transactions in both investment and management using blockchain technology.

Go to the following link to watch this podcast : https://thescalingshow.podbean.com/e/episode-32-addressing-liquidity-pain-points-with-democratized-investments-with-bilal-el-alamy/

About The fintech scaling show
It's lead par Richard Doherty, a interviewer fascinated by how tech companies are shifting the paradigm and in so doing impacting our daily lives. He created the scaling show so everybody get a glimpse of their world and learn how they are creating our future

We hope you enjoy the exchange. Many thanks to the Fintech Scaling Show for inviting us.