EQUISAFE attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data.

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. This document has been prepared in order to be compliant with all data protection laws including the GDPR. Above all, the Privacy Policy will provide all required information as to why and how we do collect your personal data, how to exercise your rights regarding the personal data we collect and process, and how we protect your data.

Transparency is fundamental to our business because that’s how you build trust. This is our DNA. Compliance is our guideline, that’s why we are not only considered as a Fintech but chiefly as a RegTech using technology to build a secure and transparent financial ecosystem and network.

We commit ourselves to you!

1. What about Equisafe?

2. What sort of personal data does Equisafe collect?

3. Why does Equisafe collect and process your personal data?

4. How does Equisafe store and share your personal data?

5. How does Equisafe protect your information?

6. Know your rights and how to exercise them

7. How long does EQUISAFE retain your information?

8. Privacy policy changes

9. If you need to contact us:

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Equisafe is an agent of Lemon Way payment service provider under registration number 85392 on the registry of REGAFI.