To ease the access to a large scope of investment opportunities

Our core: to gather, imagine and deploy these systems for the common good

Unlike European Directive MiFID I, which only required transparency on the few thousand shares admitted to trading on a regulated European market, European Directive MiFID II, which came into force in 2018, aims to improve investor protection, notably by extending transparency requirements to hundreds of thousands of financial instruments such as bonds, structured financial products, CO2 emission allowances and derivatives. Hence the need to give details of the feedback from the various financial intermediaries.

This legal evolution is in line with the Blockchain’s virtues of transparency and traceability of costs and transactions carried out via this technology along the value chain. Thus, by complying with this directive, we are fulfilling our objective of simplification, accessibility and democratization of investment.

A complementary platform for ecosystem players

The blockchain allows us to work collaboratively and with confidence. Indeed, the players in a value chain can work efficiently. For example, in the case of the AnnA transaction, the Equisafe platform enabled sellers, buyers, lawyers and notaries to interact in a fully digitalized manner. This allowed the transaction to be completed in thirty minutes.

Lowering barriers to entry, allowing everyone to participate

Today, it is very difficult for foreign investors to invest in local businesses and real estate. You have to find a local lawyer, sign a whole bunch of papers, wait, start again, wait again and so on. In addition to being long and cumbersome, this process is expensive. In short, it is necessary to renovate it.

The automation of smart contracts makes it possible to automate compliance rules. This presents an unprecedented innovation for the back office. Thus, entrance tickets can be greatly reduced, allowing better accessibility to these products.

Finally, this innovation helps to combat investment inequalities. It makes the process easier and more accessible.

According to Equisafe, any asset owner should be able to market his or her transaction to anyone with an Internet connection, within regulatory limits.
Through our platform, we can break down barriers to entry into a global free market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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