How Blockchain is going to change the way we exchange

Our modern society is marked by two profound changes: the democratisation of access to goods and services, and the sharing of responsibilities.

For thirty years, the Internet has multiplied the world of the intangible, a world marked by opportunities for accessing culture and information through electronic commerce. By enabling faster exchanges and a better connection of all stakeholders in the economy, many transactions have accelerated for the benefit of all. However, there is one thing the web has failed to do: democratise access to certain assets or tangible assets, such as financial assets or real estate. For the latter, trusted third parties often put the brakes on the exchange of value; barriers to entry are strong, lack of liquidity a problem.

In parallel, several confidence crises, coupled with the weak evolution of administrative processes, led to a growing demand for decentralised, faster and more agile exchanges.

Tired by a system that sometimes tends to hegemony, it seemed difficult to change. But the Blockchain changes everything. It changes our approach to trust. It changes our approach to cost. It offers new synergies while ensuring security, accountability and discretion. It has the power to inspire future generations, to push them to build innovative systems where everyone can have a chance. Where balance equals control.

Adapted and adaptable to your needs, the time for fairness has arrived.

What if we decided to bet on decentralisation and shared responsibility, rather than the obsolete mechanisms of the system? On technology, rather than on faceless corporations? It’s an ethical issue, even before it’s a social issue.

It’s up to us to gather. It’s up to us to imagine and deploy these systems for the common good.

We believe that technology is more than just a way to speculate or raise money. We believe that it can be used to increase financial inclusion and combat inequalities. We believe that it can be dedicated to the benefit of the community and the benefit of individuals.

This is our most basic belief.

Our Blockchain platform does not emancipate itself from any intermediary: on the contrary, it offers them the possibility of emancipating themselves from their tedious tasks. Some see it as “sustainable capitalism”, others a “crypto capitalism”. One thing is certain: we are entering a new kind of management, for a new kind of behavior: the human beyond technology. We want it to be fusional and non-intrusive.

It is from this will that we created Equisafe. Here, technology is an extension of our values: access a new investment experience. We want to offer you a multitude of new possibilities, where variety and simplicity come together to minimise your risks.

We want you to be able to save and invest as you wish while benefiting from the reliability of our infrastructure. Our mission: to create a healthy and accessible environment for all, financial actors.

At Equisafe, we are committed to serving the community and reducing isolation by building a collaborative world. Above all, we want to share our values; pool our knowledge, experiences and resources.

The time has come to enter a new era of investment.

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Equisafe is an agent of Lemon Way payment service provider under registration number 85392 on the registry of REGAFI.