How is blockchain impacting the real estate market?

The real estate market has undergone a number of changes in its fundamentals. Over the last two decades, the market was driven by rising interest rates and a massive credit crunch. Today, these fundamentals are losing momentum, resulting in the pre-eminence of marketing in a market that until now has largely ignored it.

A necessary change of course

Putting the product and the consumer at the heart of the services offered is becoming a necessity. It is necessary to bring more to the customer, to simplify housing, to appease him through financial engineering, to offer practical support, and to help him in the management following an acquisition.

Real estate investment represents the heaviest expense in the life of a household, it has a symbolic and psychological consequence and represents a major financial risk. Real estate agencies must therefore justify their commission by proposing an optimal distribution of ads, relevant estimates, and the implementation of digital tools ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for users.

Today, there are 34.5 million homes in France, 1 million transactions per year, 70% of which are carried out by real estate professionals (estate agents). In addition, 8% of the real estate stock is vacant (housing awaiting occupation for sale or rental).

Current barriers

Real estate investment is riddled with obstacles. First of all, it requires a borrowing capacity in order to buy a property, which in the French case requires the holding of a permanent contract excluding part of the working population (fixed-term contracts and freelance work).

In addition to this requirement is the requirement to make a capital contribution to initiate the purchase and repayment of the loan made to obtain the property. A person wishing to acquire their own property will therefore have to be able to save a substantial amount of money in advance of their purchase.

Moreover, it is necessary to find a single buyer ready to purchase the property at the desired price, whether he wants to live in it or rent it out afterwards. If the property is not in perfect condition, the buyer will have to take into account that all the necessary work will be entirely at his expense. The administrative nature of the sale of a property is not negligible, it is required to call upon the services of a lawyer and a notary.

A future buyer will have as a first reflex to go to his bank. If he wishes to invest, Equisafe will be the best solution. A seller will go to a real estate agency so that his property can be sold as quickly as possible, and once again Equisafe will be the best solution for him (consequent contribution of liquidity).

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