Equisafe redefines ownership with use and experience, providing access with financial upside to build your wealth.

A simple VISION

We envision a world where anyone, anytime, anywhere holds the power to create opportunities for themselves. Nothing less than realising the full potential of technology, dedicated to shaping the future of finance.

An ambitious MISSION

Equisafe is on a mission to democratise investment and improve the experience to better meet your objectives.

Our Keywords


Our platform will impact the management of investors' shares, the blockchain ensures that their property rights are immortalised in a decentralised and incorruptible database.


The platform will save you time. The user's administrative task is reduced to a strict minimum. Exchanges are carried out instantaneously. The secondary market allows a fast resale. The time barrier disappears in this new ecosystem.


The platform will allow investors to diversify their portfolio of investments and facilitate the conquest of emerging markets.


Our solution aims to be used by anyone.


The solution will allow all types of portfolios to invest in exceptional opportunities regardless of borders.


Our platform will provide unprecedented transparency. From unlisted shares to property titles you will have access to a permanent history.


The platform gives a multitude of tools to enhance collaboration between professionals from different areas.


The NYX Standard

The objective of this new standard is to replicate on the Tezos blockchain the entire financial infrastructure of issuance, purchase and exchange of securities as it exists today, in order to streamline, accelerate and secure transactions.

The NyX Standard will leverage the Tezos blockchain to automatically secure and execute over 160 predefined business rules, thereby reducing transaction costs and avoiding a great number of administrative errors, specifically on compliance topics.

Equisafe est agréé en tant qu' agent de prestataire de service de paiement par l'ACPR en France depuis le 08/03/2020 sous le numéro 85392.