Blockchain is a technology that allows two (or more) users to share and store data in a transparent and secure manner, offering the opportunity to automate time-consuming processes.

Equisafe uses this technology to bring security, traceability and real-time updates to manage registries of votes & shareholders for unlisted companies.

Perpetual Traceability

Perpetual record as if written in stone. Never lose track of your confidential documents and personal data.

Peer-to-Peer exchanges

Smooth delivery versus payment. Fiat and cryptocurrency transactions made easily.

Smart contracts

Ownership contract logic executed on a proof system, with all records saved on distributed ledger technology.

From Paper to Blockchain

Equisafe is a platform that revolutionises the management of a company’s shares ledger.

We enable your investors registries to evolve in a fully digitised manner, without the need of a paper copy, because what we do is legally recognised as a form of proof. Your shares will be unique and permanent and your governance safely automated.

Paper Disappearence

Digital ownership, free yourself from paper certificates. Enjoy constantly updated professional documentation.

Unlisted Markets

Organise private markets as if they were on listed markets. Create an efficiently secure environment for your company.

Company Life Cycle

A new governance model, manage your company from your laptop, for general assemblies to strategic committees.

Information history embedded in your Digital Securities

Primary Market

Equisafe allows the implementation of standardised mechanisms where all the verification procedures are carried out automatically, as you operate, thanks to artificial intelligence. Allowing enhanced user experience and high automation.

The barrier of the number of investors disappears, whether they are 10 or 100,000 investors, each of them will be rigorously controlled and the restrictions correctly applied pro-actively. All the procedure is secured through the use of time stamped database opposable in the court of justice: Blockchain.

Our solution allows fluidity and an opening of the scope of each of your fundraising.


Advanced electronic signatures with a few clicks. The legal power of a hand written signature digitally.

Real time

Automated back and middle office requirements. Save time whilst being compliant.

Permanent access

Access your data anytime, by logging in into the platform and anywhere through the device of your choice.

Company Life Cycle Management

Handle all of your E-Governance on Equisafe.
Equisafe offers access to confidential documents always available, secure, that can be updated and signed quickly for greater transactional fluidity.

Enjoy management and collaboration broken down to a few clicks.

Governance Tools

Summon, consult and vote to gather general approvals. Simplify shareholder involvement.

Autorization Management

Role based access to maximise trust between collaborators, with optional authorization parameters.

Easy Collaboration

Invite the professionals you are accustomed  to working with in an enhanced-based trust environment.

Peer-to-Peer Market

Our solution is a complete game-changer. Thanks to our platform, you, as a shareholder, are able to have access to a space to connect with investors interested in your shares. No more intermediaries and lower resale prices.

Come and connect easily with pre-controlled investors from the four corners of the world, and sell your shares with complete peace of mind!

Communication Tools

Be informed about the hottest buying opportunities and discuss their potential amongst other involved parties.

Portfolio Tracking

Track the growth of your portfolio in real time. Diversification, return on investment, dividends, etc.

Network Building

Join the financial social network. Get connected with other investors and shareholders from around the world.


Equisafe is an agent of Lemon Way payment service provider under registration number 85392 on the registry of REGAFI.